The first night of this Double Feature will be hosted by the long running NYC-based Label Tee Pee Records.  Tee Pee Records is home to bands like
Witch, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Sleep.Their current roster features some of the most exciting bands in the US-Psychedelic-Rock Underground.

New Jersey’s Chris Kosnik, Finn Ryan and Bob Pantella first started plotting their musical careers back in the mid ‘90s, influenced by ‘70s rock and groups ranging from Black Sabbath to Parliament and Funkadelic.
Since the
The Atomic Bitchwax first self-titled release in 1999 on Tee Pee Records, The Bitchwax have toured every year in North America and Europe, playing in over 15 countries. In that time they have released five more records, including three full lengths (TAB 2, 3 and 4) two EPs (Spit Blood and Boxriff) and a live DVD filmed in Seattle’s Sunset Tavern.
2011 brings the release of their new album The Local Fuzz, boasting one 40 minute track of 50 back to back riffs.


Beyond the conceptual physical language structure created by mankind, the definition of the name lies in internal rhythm, the internal sound that a man experiences. Those who embrace Naam have the key to the door of mysteries and miracles, as Naam exists in the Divine plane and shines through to the Physical plane, bringing healing and self-renewal.

Upon the inevitable demise of Canada’s most beloved garage rock underdogs, The Deadly Snakes (In the Red Records)Quest For Fire began to prepare for their great unveiling before Toronto’s wary rock scene.
Their Tee Pee Records debut “Lights From Paradise” is a beautiful mash of colorful, dreamy hard rock, Spacemen 3 drone and heavy psychedelic swirl.


Influenced by such 70’s legends as Hawkwind, Deep Purple, UFO, Blue Oyster Cult, Captain Beyond, the rockier sides of more recent outfits such as Motorpsycho and Swervedriver, as well as the best of the current heavy bands,
Mirror Queen aspire towards psychedelic hard rock of the highest order.
Together they transcend the sameness of much of today’s stoner scene, blasting the audience by including songs with the volume and adding hooks to the timeless riffs.


Arena Vienna / small hall / adv: 18 € doors: 20 €  / 2-day tickets: 30 €


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