Overmars is a loosely knit band collective from the french alps. Their abrasive sludge-assault is rooted in the crustiness of His Hero Is Gone aswell as the  bleakness that is Khanate and is definetely located at the dark end of the ever expansive Roadtrip-universe.
Their latest full length “Born Again” is comprised of no more songs than one and clocks in under just 40 minutes.
This song / album is a deeply emotional sonic assault, no holds barred, no compromise.

A brand new split 12″ with experimental hardcore-pioneers Starkweather has recently been released through J. Bannon´s Label Deathwish Inc.



Binaire will join Overmars on this tour. Their approach to music is similair to their colleagues as they are defying categorization and know no compromise in expressing themselves sonically.
“As you can except, binaire are going by 2 ….
2 guys and 2 machines, knowing that the first 2 ones are steping foward the others, unlike
hollywood bad saga scripts .
2 men , 2 machines, in a twister of ectro punk rock !
2 men , 2 machines, extremly implicated in noise production, so disturbing for our ears !
A world crashing into beats, screamings and noisy guitare .
Melting point of hardcore, electro, punk and cold noise, this is binaire”


Arena Vienna / Dreiraum / adv: 6 € / doors : 8 €

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