Rotor are a stoner rock band from Berlin, Germany. Active since 1998, the band has had six albums of mostly instrumental music released and have toured all over Europe and parts of the U.S. Initially a trio, the band currently functions as a quartet.

Rotor began sometime in the middle of 1998 initially as a trio, with their first live performance on 19 December at Das Weite Theater in Berlin. From there the band would perform more frequent shows in the Berlin area. The band’s first ever show outside of Germany would be at the fifth edition of Roadburn Festival on 22 March at 013 in Tillburg in 2001.

Over 2 decades later, and several full length albums in in, Rotor will be released their newest album „Sieben“ in February 2023.

This trio from Berlin makes an infernal intensive noise between old Kyuss, older eccentric US-indie-rock and very, very old psychedelic rumble.

Attention! Neo-Hippies are at work.
Metal Hammer

Starless era King Crimson meets Monster Magnet, this is a ferocious slice of distorted riffing and turbo charged wah-pedal action, which stampedes through you like a herd of buffalo chasing the sun. A space-rock masterpiece for the grunge generation.


Two guitars, bass, drums, djembe, didgeridoo, wavedrum, and sampler. Furthermore six musicians who utilize their instruments not only to make music but to create the soundtrack for your journey through life. That is what generally became known as TRIPTONUS.

Triptonus is the Vienna-based six-piece collective known for their intense live performances and their unique combination of Psychedelic Rock, percussion grooves, and experimental Electronica.

Triptonus intentionally refrain from the use of a leading voice to let you drift through worlds and stories you create on your own by means of your imagination.


Arena Vienna / small room / adv 20 € / doors 20.00h



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