Day 2 of this Roadtrip Double Feature features some of the most renowned names in doom / heavy music today.

Formed in early 2000 by guitarist/singer/songwriter Victor Griffin,bassist Lee Abney, & drummer Tim Tomaselli… Place of Skulls (a biblical reference to Golgotha) carries the torch of prior Griffin & Abney bands such as Death Row and Pentagram in the ever-burgeoning underground scene of doom metal. But as their sound continues to expand beyond those boundaries…they incorporate intricate dynamics in their songs that few bands of the same genre explore.
Their sound is as crushing live as any and no less threatening in volume.

Victor Griffin is a true guitar hero if there ever was one. His riffs and songwriting for Death Row and Pentagram have paved the way for legions of bands. Place Of Skulls has been his top priority for over 10 years now.

Dark, slow, slithering, strangely hypnotic, Acid King merges the fuzz of stoner-rock with the mood of doom, and demolishes any qualms about the apocalypse with the throaty, condemning vocals of Lori S. Joseph.


The Gates Of Slumber encapsulate the metal experience for true believers.  The Indianapolis doom metal trio formed in the late 1990’s with the goal of creating a band whose sound delivered an updated take on the member’s long list of favourite Heavy Metal greats.  Weaned on Black Sabbath, St. Vitus, the melodic might of Iron Maiden and a host of classic bands from Thin Lizzy and Rainbow to Mercyful Fate, The Gates Of Slumber draw deep from Heavy Metal’s most powerful blood and deliver Doom in its purest form.

Their brand new album “The Wretch” was recorded at England’s Orgone Studios with producer Jaime Gomez Arellano (Ghost, Angel Witch). A spring release via cult label Rise Above Records is expected.

It is understood that Carlton Melton´s  music is not for everyone. If you prefer top-notch, modern day production and crafty songwriting you may want to stop here. If you prefer old SST label cassette tapes or an early Spaceman 3 cassette you recently found wedged in the back seat of your car you may dig some of this… or perhaps you like to listen and gaze at an old David Crosby LP now and then. We dug it enough to strike up our own label Mid-To-Late Records so we could share our favorite jams on vinyl.


Arena Vienna / small hall / adv: 18 €  doors: 20 €  / 2 day tickets: 30 €

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