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15.4. THE RAW STUFF – Exhibition & Live Show feat. COLOUR HAZE + HYPNOTIC FLOOR


THE RAW STUFF is an annually released book series featuring the most eye-catching music artworks within the rock-, metal-, and punk-scene.
2 books, 500 pages, more than 600 designs for record covers, gig posters, shirts, exotic gimmicks and creepy ritual masks!

Besides Austrian household names such as Michael Hacker, SBÄM, a plcefortom and missfelidae the new book-issue will feature wide range of European artists, such as Janta Island (Metallica), Simon Marchner (The Rolling Stones), Max Löffler (The Who) oder Grindesign (Mayhem, Sepultura)

17 artists will host the bar, dreiraum, the foyer and the small stage.
Roadtrip To Outta Space veterans COLOUR HAZE and HYPNOTIC FLOOR will take the big stage on Saturday night to rock your socks off!

FREE ADMISSION for the exhibition Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.
Tickets are on sale for the live show on Saturday.

Berlin’s COLOUR HAZE have been around since the mid 90s, and are a staple in the international analog-driven psychedelic rock scene.

Taking hints from like minded trios such as Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience or Grand Funk Railroad the create timeless soundscapes to lose yourself in and become elevated by.

2022 saw the release of „Sacred“ for their longtime home of Berlin-based cult label Elektrohasch Records.

The Vienna quartet HYPNOTIC FLOOR combines influences of Psych-, Kraut- and Progressive Rock. Their music is shaped by fuzzy riffs, spaced out synths and changing timesignatures and covers a varied range of sounds. The contrast between complex melodic lines and hypnotic and repetitive grooves is predominant throughout their meandering songs.



















Roadtrip to Outta Space poster series


Ticket to live concert:

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A band, whose music and live performance wins people over.
The sound of Dÿse is recognizable by dynamic rhythms and hearty guitar riffs. Unconventional songwriting and stop & go arrangements are also typical for Dÿse.

Rather than using a music genre Dÿse focuses on producing their own sound: always cross-genre, loud, soft, fast, slow, surprising, fresh and above all: always uncompromising.

Modecenter serve a dose of highly effective European crisis-rock. Hannes Gruber, David Bauer und Michael Schneeberger dig into the raw musical energy of both minimalistic and megalomaniac noisy post-punk that doesn’t want to be held back by any set beliefs or ideologies.

Instead of a comfortable place in the line at your local wholefoods store you get a punch to the face for looking away for too long.

Reflector have been around since 1997.
Their monolithic sound, rooted in Noise Rock and Sludge Metal, gained them quite a reputation in and outside their alpine home turf.

Decades of experience and a relentless dedication to the craft of writing, recording and performing will ensure that head are banging and walls shaking.

Arena Vienna / big room / adv 20€ / doors 19.00h



”The best band that’s ever existed”– JOSH HOMME of QOTSA, KYUSS (quote from the Truckfighters film)

“Truckfighters blast your ears with their unique take on modern rock”– METAL HAMMER

“…The power and charm to make society grind to a halt…“– KERRANG!!!

“Putting more rock energy into a single performance than a good proportion of bands do into a career’s worth of shows…”– TERRORIZER

If ever there was any doubt, this time off has shown Truckfighters who they really are. Truckfighters want to play enough shows to satisfy their inner urge without losing motivation. It is safe to say the touring will be less frequent than Truckfighters most intense years. Just as safe as is it to say that the shows will be better than ever and as always with a hell of a fuzzy sound!

Deadly Vipers is a Fuzz Rock Band from Southern France.

Wizzerd is a Heavy Rock’n’Roll band from the Mountains of Montana all the way to Space.

Pulling the heavy elements of stoner doom into garage rock, Laser Eyes sound more like a multi instrumental endeavour than a 2 piece band. Combining straight to the point hard-rock riffs with dozens of FX pedals, stoner chords and atmospheric ambience, the Austrian heavy rock duo formed by Lukas Grumet and Thomas Sager are here to prove they mean business.

Arena Vienna / big room / adv 26 € / doors 19.00h



The best music reflects a wide-screen view of the world back at us, helping distill the universal into something far more personal. Since forming in Austin in 2004, The Black Angels have become standard-bearers for modern psych-rock that does exactly that, which is one of many reasons why the group’s new album, Wilderness of Mirrors, feels so aptly named. In the five years since the band’s prior album, Death Song, and the two-plus years spent working on Wilderness of Mirrors, pandemics, political tumult and the ongoing devastation of the environment have provided ample fodder for the Black Angels’ signature sonic approach.

“Wilderness of Mirrors” expertly refines the Black Angels’ psychedelic rock attack alongside a host of intriguing sounds and textures. There are classic blasts of fuzzed-out guitars meant to simultaneously perk up the ears and jumpstart the mind, alongside melancholy, acoustic guitar-driven newfound experiments. Mellotron, strings, and other keyboards also play a more prominent role on “Wilderness of Mirrors” than ever before.

Even amidst these new experimentations, The Black Angels remain masterfully true to psych-rock forebears such as Syd Barrett, Roky Erickson, Arthur Lee and the members of the Velvet Underground, all of whom are namechecked on album highlight “The River.” “The Velvet Underground song ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’ – that’s what every Black Angels album has been about,” says vocalist/bassist Alex Maas. “You can’t work out your struggles unless you bring them to the forefront and think about them. If we can all think about them, maybe we can help save ourselves.”

Led by songwriter, singer and guitarist Fernando Nuti, New Candys are a band with Dario Lucchesi as the only other permanent member since the beginning.
Concocted with only the darkest of deviant rock’n’roll ethos and distinct melodic distortions, New Candys are one of the most important bands to have emerged from Italy in recent years. Their hometown of Venice is subtly interwoven through a focused aesthetic, not only sonically produced, but curated in their album artworks designed by Nuti himself.

With many years on the road internationally, they have done several tours around Europe, UK, United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia. Some festival appearances include SXSW, Treefort Music Fest and Psycho Las Vegas in 2022, Levitation France and Desert Stars Festival in 2019, Sydney and Melbourne Psych Fests as headliners in 2018 and in the same year they recorded a session for KEXP. They have supported artists such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols in Europe including shows at the Olympia Hall in Paris and The Roundhouse in London. Some of their songs are featured on episodes of Showtime Networks original TV series “Shameless”.

Their new album ‘Vyvyd’, mixed by Grammy Award producer Tommaso Colliva, was released in 2021. The current lineup includes Emanuele Zanardo on lead guitar and backing vocals, Marco Contestabile on bass and Francesco Giacomin on drums and sampler.

Arena Vienna / big room / adv 33 € / doors 19.00h



AVALANCHE conjur Sabbathian riffs on their debut full length ‘Interstellar Movement’.
This is a solid slab of sludge-infused, hardcore influenced rocking riff worship, every performance is tight to a fault with not a foot wrong.
You could be forgiven for expecting a release filled with prog-anthems given the title but AVALANCHE skew towards a more Sleep orientated sci-fi approach, but with the pace of High On Fire at their most pulverising.

Since day one, the band’s goal was to play sophisticated, mostly instrumental Heavy Psych with little hints of classic Prog, Space Rock, Doom and plenty of other stuff. RYTE is not limited by any means as long as it sounds fresh and interesting and does the band’s initial idea of adventurous heaviness justice. RYTE’s self-titled debut album is out via Heavy Psych Sounds!

Lurch from Vienna play loud, psychedelic rock.

The Vienna based 3 piece Band Grimms Eye is known for their aggressive mix of hardcore punk, sludge and doom metal riffage.

Kodubai play Speedy Rock n Roll, with influences ranging from Motörhead to Black Metal.

Arena Vienna / small room / 19.00h / adv 18€



Swedish doom / sludge metal band from Malmö formed in 2001.

Hailing from Malmö, Sweden and formed in 2001 : SUMA has been spreading the plague of their sonic weight, noise-ridden hallucinatory doom metal on the world for the past decade. Through these years they’ve lured hordes of humans into the lair with their devastatingly heavy, one way trip into the vortex live performances and crushing delivery on their recorded matters.

With a strong DIY mind, SUMA has been releasing most of it’s music through their own label and hitting the roads across Europe over the years through their own booking and with kindred spirits across the plains.

From the ashes of stoner/sludge band CYRUS, DESOLAT from Vienna, Austria have released 2 EPs, and will release their first LP in early 2023.

Arena Vienna / Dreiraum / adv 16 € / 20.00h



Initially made up of George Clarke (vocals) and Kerry McCoy (guitars), Deafheaven has a sound that blends black metal with elements of shoegaze, adding a layer of warmth to the genre’s typically icy sound while expanding the emotional range outside of the typical themes of death, despair, and hopelessness. As a duo, Clarke and McCoy wrote and recorded a demo on their own that would get the attention of Converge frontman Jacob Bannon’s label, Deathwish Inc., which released the untitled EP in 2010.

The pair expanded the lineup to include guitarist Nick Bassett, bassist Derek Prine, and drummer Trevor Deschryver, who appeared on Deafheaven’s 2011 full-length debut, Roads to Judah, before parting ways with the band the following year. Looking to get back to their roots a bit, McCoy and Clarke worked on the writing for their follow-up album as a duo again, though they would recruit drummer Daniel Tracy to join them in the studio for the recording process.

The result was their sophomore effort, Sunbather, which was released to critical acclaim in the summer of 2013. Recruiting new bassist Stephen Clark and guitarist Shiv Mehra, Deafheaven toured across the globe extensively as a quintet, including gigs with Between the Buried and Me, Pallbearer, No Joy, and many others.

In 2015, Deafheaven signed to Anti- for the release of their highly anticipated third album, New Bermuda. Produced by frequent collaborator Jack Shirley, it arrived in early October. The set reached number 16 on the Top Rock Albums charts, and was supported by lengthy international tours. Its critical and commercial success brought it to the ears of listeners not normally enamored of heavy metal.

In late 2017, Deafheaven de-camped to 25th St. Recording in Oakland with Shirley again listed as producer. By their own admission, they expanded their heavy, kinetic sound by adding psychedelia-inspired vocals, jazzy percussion, and intricate organic piano melodies to juxtapose against their trademark black metal-inspired and post-hardcore trademark sonics. Ordinary Corrupt Human Love took its title from Graham Greene’s novel The End of the Affair, reflecting a theme of yearning romanticism. The set’s first single and video, “Honeycomb,” was issued in April of 2018, and clocked in at nearly 12 minutes.

In 2020, the band planned a ten-year anniversary tour that had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To celebrate the occasion anyway, Deafheaven released 10 Years Gone (Sargent House) in December, a live-in-studio recording of their planned touring set. In addition to revitalizing long-established crowd favorites such as “Vertigo” and “Kettle,” they also included a recording of “Daedalus,” the first song the band ever wrote together. 

Infinite Granite, the band’s fifth studio album, arrived in 2021. A departure from their previous albums, Infinite Granite featured barely any screaming or metal riffs, instead featuring swirling guitars and clean vocals reflecting influences including Radiohead, Ride, Tears for Fears, and Chet Baker.

Slow Crush is a compelling abrasive shoegaze band, dealing with the aesthetics of contrasting sounds.
Heavy like a gloomy dream yet soothingly vibrant.
The vulnerable soft floating voice of Manchester’s Isa Holliday underneath layers of grungy shoegaze soaked noisepop, seeking shelter from a f’ed up world.


adv 26 € / doors 19.00h



Little Rock, Arkansas’ Pallbearer are a doom metal quartet whose penchant for extreme, monstrously thick heaviness has drawn fans from across the globe. With a sound rooted in the slow, riff-centric traditions pioneered by Black Sabbath, the band’s approach is appended by a neo-psychedelic application of guitar harmony and later on, prog elements.

It was initially showcased on a three-song demo that included a cover of the Billie Holiday standard “Gloomy Sunday.” They hardwired that guitar interplay into their core sound on their 2012 debut album Sorrow and Extinction

Live and on recordings, Pallbearer graft layers of impenetrably sludgy guitars onto an impossibly thick wall of oppressive, throbbing, bass-and-drum-kit bleakness that envelops the listener.
2014’s charting “Foundations of Burden” added a more glacial feel but retained the band’s textures and dynamics thanks in part to producer Billy Anderson’s mix.

Their third full-length, 2017’s Heartless, marked their international breakthrough as it reached the top spot on several charts.
The single “Atlantis” appeared in 2019.

Pallbearer’s original lineup came together out of the local metal scene in 2008, with Brett Campbell (guitars/vocals), Devin Holt (guitars), and Joseph D. Rowland (bass); their drum chair remained in flux until 2012 when Mark Lierly joined the band.

In October  2020 their most recent LP „Forgotten Days“ was released on the long running Metal Powerhouse Nuclear Blast Records.

Elder is a genre-pushing rock band that melds heavy psychedelic sounds with progressive elements and evocative soundscapes.
The band has reinvented their sound over the course of five albums to grow from a stalwart of the stoner/doom scene into one of the most unique voices in the rock underground. Their long-scale compositions unfold as journeys, running the gamut of styles from the 70’s to the present within a single song with a penchant for “sheer gatefold-era grandeur” (Rolling Stone).

By continuing to incorporate new elements to their sound, Elder’s output has repeatedly set benchmarks for their peers. Beginning with 2008’s Elder and 2010’s “Dead Roots Stirring”, Elder made ripples in the stoner rock scene with their uniquely melodic approach to the genre.

 In 2015 they surprised again with “Lore”, a watershed moment in the band’s career (recently crowned “Album of the Decade” by The Obelisk) which brought in elements of post-, prog- and space rock into the Elder sound. 

Despite several years of heavy touring surrounding the album, “Reflections of a Floating World” was released just two years later, earning a spot at the top of many best-of lists including Rolling Stone (#5, 20 Best Metal Albums Of 2017), Stereogum and others.

Elder’s most recent album „Omens“ answers any speculation about new directions with affirmation: evolution or extinction. Lush, intricately interwoven melodies grow and dissolve into spaced-out jams; massive riffs thunder down into a churning sea of psychedelic sounds and unpredictable grooves carry away the listener.

After thirteen years, this is the first full-length recorded with a new lineup including guitarist Michael Risberg and new drummer Georg Edert, along with guest performances by Fabio Cuomo on Rhodes piano and synthesizers.

Irist was formed in the summer of 2015 by Pablo Davila (guitar) and best friend Bruno Segovia (bass). Originally from Argentina and Chile, the twosome brought on fellow Atlantans Adam Mitchell (guitar) and Jason Belisha (drums). But Irist wouldn’t become Irist until vocalist Rodrigo Carvalho (vocals), a Brazilian, joined the fold. It was then, after measured improvement as songwriters and an extended courtship with renowned A&R man Monte Conner, that Irist inked the Nuclear Blast deal and the rest is history.

While there are vestiges of the group’s pan-South American heritage (from Andean music to heroes Sepultura) throughout Order of the Mind, the band’s collective influences come from all parts of the heavy spectrum. From The Melvins, Ratos de Porão, and Alice in Chains to The Dillinger Escape Plan, Soundgarden, and Converge, Irist fold in, twist fervently, and scorch their faves until they’re decidedly protean and uniquely a product of the fivesome’s songwriting prowess.

In short, Irist’s debut, Order of the Mind, is a must-hear.

Arena Vienna / big room / adv 25 € / doors 18.30h



Richmond’s INTER ARMA, reigning masters of the slow build, continue to trace a distinctly ambitious trajectory through modern metal. Their impulses tend toward the epic, but never bloat; they meld several styles — doom, sludge, and hard psych — without coming off like dilettantes. This newest full-length, Sulphur English, finds them mining deeper in the proggy organic doom fields that made both Paradise Gallows and Sky Burial so thrilling while expanding further the on the psych-folk strain that made those albums’ peaks seem so lofty.

Few metal bands have ever made such effective use of acoustic instruments in truly heavy environments as INTER ARMA do; the acoustic guitar that stitches “Stillness” together is as effective as any overdriven bass; a two-minute gloomy piano-and-feedback piece titled “Observances of the Path” rolls out the carpet for “The Atavist’s Meridian,” an album highlight that rides a gigantic, roomy drum sound into realms akin to a murkier Paradise Lost, a more aggressive Om, and a dreamier, more stoned Kylesa all playing together at once.

Few bands make music as engrossing as INTER ARMA; their lengthy, almost meditative songs rumble patiently forward until you’re ready to get thrown off a bridge — and then they throw you, with great force. – 

Words by John Darnielle

BRIQUEVILLE is a band shrouded in mystery. On stage, they create an instrumental mantra of spooky guitars, modified field recordings and eery sampled chants.
These meditative build-ups, based on the perseverant element of repetition, are contrasted with and ripped apart by sudden, unforeseeable outbursts of the purest and sheerest heaviness. 

After 2017’s dazzling instrumental opus „II“, the Flemish 5-piece finally return with their 3rd studio album, one of the first real pandemic-albums to be released on Pelagic. The band members had to finish the album in separation, which worked out better than they had initially expected: the forced distance allowed them to take distance not only to each other, but also towards their own song material. Some pieces grew larger than originally intended, others were stripped down to the essentials and reinvented.

Arena Vienna / Dreiraum / adv 18 € / 20.00h

8.6. 1000MODS + THE WELL

1000mods’ highly anticipated fourth full length album ‘Youth Of Dissent’, produced by legend Matt Bayles (Pearl Jam, Mastodon, Isis, Soundgarden etc.) breaks the spacetime continuum and achieves the impossible: 1000mods meet their childhood heroes, by performing a time travel to the glorious ’90s, when fused elements of punk rock and heavy metal changed the face of the music industry and lead to the legendary grunge rock explosion.

Primitive, original and inspiring, the songwriting of this release is not only is their best to date, but also appears to be inevitably leading to their mighty breakthrough.

The impressive crux of Pagan Science, the sophomore album by Austin trio The Well, is that It’s a multiplicity of itself. From the band’s dual male/female vocals to their transcendently timeless sounds and erudite lyrical themes, Pagan Science is crystalline in its complexity and clarity at the same time.

The Well walk an intriguing line between authentic early 70s doom/heavy psych and the more frayed-edge-of-sanity weirdness of their hometown’s legendary noise rock scene, whilst also splicing in shades of chamber choir vocals, occult rock and dark folk.

Arena Vienna / small room / adv 20 € / doors 19.00h