Considered as one of the greats of the European stoner rock scene, MARS RED SKY have gained international recognition thanks to a unique sound imprint based on thick infectious grooves and melodic aerial guitar riffs. This is truly a one of a kind experience, all wrapped up in Julien Pras’ ethereal vocals, Matgaz’ powerful drumming and Jimmy Kinast’s pachydermic bass lines. Somewhere between the heaviness of doom and the haunting relics of 70’s psych pop, the Mars Red Sound first intrigues, then irremediably impels the masses to gather into a cosmic ritual of solar burning fuzz and reverberated atmospheres.

In 2012, after playing live in over 20 countries they paired up with French doom metal monsters Year Of No Light to release a 3-track split record, which sold out quickly. The release of the “Be My Guide” EP in the spring of 2013 prophetically opened the path for another extensive tour across Europe.


With the 2014 effort Stranded In Arcadia, the trio takes its music to a brand new level: heavier than ever, this record embarks you further into their very own world of fuzz and psychedelia, a journey to a wondrous imaginary place called Arcadia… Widely acclaimed by both the fans of the genre and the press, it gets quickly considered as a « masterpiece » (Metalmouth) or a « psych rock piece of excellency » (Rock Hard Germany). In the wake of this release, the band joins French rock band Detroit on tour – including a show at La Cigale in Paris – after which they are invited to open the 9th edition of Hellfest under a packed Valley tent.


2015 saw the release of the eagerly anticipated EP “Providence” and the announcement of a 40 date tour in early spring.


Like their forefathers in Sleep, Electric Wizard, Bongzilla, and Weedeater, Poland’s Belzebong summon fuzzy down-tuned instrumental stoner metal with a throbbing groove and a guitar tone that is the audial equivalent of a massive THC bong hit coming right in your face.


The production work is not only spectacular. It’s fucking HUGE. Toss in a bit of feedback, a peppering of psychedelic riffery, and a couple of cult movie samples to break up the lack of vocals, and you have one of the best new weed-addled bands out there.


Stoned Jesus is a heavy psych/stoner rock trio, emerged from one-man-band of Igor (Krobak, Voida, etc). Beginning with stoner doom on their debut “First Communion” LP (including killers “Red Wine” and “Black Woods”), the band changed their attitude (as well as line-up). The recent “Stormy Monday” EP shows more Alice In Chains than Electric Wizard, and more innovations are expected on folks’ forthcoming second LP. With dozens of live shows played in Ukraine and Russia Stoned Jesus are going to invade Europe soon, be prepared!




Arena Vienna / adv 16 € / doors 19 € / 20.00h



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