Fatso Jetson was formed in Palm Desert, CA, in 1994 and are often credited as one of the fathers of Desert Rock . Fatso Jetson incorporate a broad variety of musical influences that includes punk, blues, jazz and rock music. prone to experiment with many musical textures, angular instrumental epics, and bizarre lyrics to create a punk, blues art rock all their own.


In 1995, the group recorded their debut “Stinky Little Gods” and followed that up in 1997 with “Power of Three” — both discs appeared on SST Records.

The band then teamed up with Bongload Records (Beck) who then released thier third full-length disc, “Toasted”, in 1998. The album produced by Chris Goss (Masters of Reality, Queens of the Stone Age).


The fourth LP was “Flames for All” in 2000 for Artist Frank Kozik’s Mans Ruin Label . Fatso Jetson also contributed to “The Desert Sessions” releases that Josh Homme (Kyuss,Queens of the Stone Age) . At these sessions Mario Lalli co-wrote two songs with Homme (“You think I aint worth a dollar but I feel like a Millionaire” and “Monster in the Parosol”) these would eventualy make their way on to the Queens of the Stone Age albums “Rated R” and “Songs for the Deaf”

It was Homme’s record lable Rekords Rekords that would release the next Fatso album in 2001 “Cruel and Delicious”. For this session the band was joined by Vince Meghrouni (Bazooka, Mike Watt, BellRays) on Sax and harp adding a new dimention to Fatso’s hard to pin sound.

The band continues with this line up in 2013.



Influenced by everything from the psychedelic to the folkloric, jazz, hard rock, roots punk, world music, the sound of this trio while hard to describe is visual and cinematic , heavy and melancholy. driving & daydreaming.


Yawning Man are quite a different musical beast from those they inspired. Drawing heavily from the SST roster of artists which set the world ablaze in the 1980s – Black Flag, Minutemen, Meat Puppets – their music is caught in the nexus of surf, psychedelia, Krautrock and the Spaghetti Western soundscapes of Ennio Morricone. Or, if you will, a missing link between the worlds of Dick Dale, Syd’s ‘Floyd, instrumental Black Flag and Pell Mell.

Now, well more than twenty years later, Yawning Man still is going strong; not specifically the band itself as a name, but as that which inspired and drove the members thereof to do what they do, which is an innate drive to create and connect landscapes of the real to surreal- the end result being the beautiful, swirling and other-worldly music you know as Yawning Man


After opening for Brant Bjork and The Bros and two headlining show Been Obscene will embark on a Roadtrip To Outta Space once again.

The 4-piece from Salzburg, Austria is signed to Elektrohasch Records and turned heads in the international Stoner- and Psychedelic-Rock scene, releasing two full length LP within two years.

“Been Obscene has shown an impressive amount of development – the instrumentalization has moved up a few notches at once, the drumming has taken a flying leap forward and the psychedelic and post-rock pastures are spread more evenly and enhances the flavor quite a bit. The album is much more vocal-driven than the previous one, but that doesn’t mean the instrumental passages have lessened. In fact, the instrumental passages have, if anything, grown more complex, with at least two instances of multi-layered, psychedelic pastures being explored in what are otherwise pretty straightforward songs. This provides the record with enough dynamism to engage you, but keeps it from going places that will lose you on the way – and, might I add, the atmosphere built is a lot darker and more brooding than you’d expect….”
Sarp Esin // AllThatIsHeavy



Arena Vienna / small hall / adv 14 € / doors 17 € / doors 20.00h


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