Danava State Fair Bootleger T-Shirt Proof#2
From their initial appearance on Kemado’s famed Invaders comp, Danava turned heads with a bombastic ’70s sound that melded blazing psych-metal with glam-rock flair. Upon the release of the band’s self-titled debut EP in 2006, Pitchfork hailed Danava as true leaders, calling them ‘the sole working owners of this sound, an almost glam-rock, Hawkwind thing’ and Guitar World lauded their ‘chaotic psych-metal brew.'”

Although Danava play the type of ferociously intense, foundation-rattling, rock and roll that might righteously justify some good old fashioned head-banging, vocalist Dusty Sparkles wants you to know that he doesn’t consider his band a metal outfit.
Nor are they prog-rock, or part of whatever ridiculous, wonky sounding “movement” someone just came up with to try to lump a bunch of disparate bands together.


Danava have always been able to separate themselves from other Iommi-inspired retro rockers by infusing an unabashed weirdness into all that they do. Hemisphere of Shadows, the Portland band’s third full length and first since 2008’s UnonoU, is no exception, and, in fact, the addition of a second guitarist (Andrew Forgash) means the blitzkrieg of riffs are now twined-out to inflict a maximum assault of strange. With a much shorter run-time than previous albums and a decidedly tighter focus, Hemisphere of Shadows finds Danava reigning in their druggy psych-metal jams without strangling them, and without stripping them of their cosmic, downer, prog, and occult flourishes.


Madness! Dementia! Raw Terror! Oozing forth from a festering
sore on the recently buried corpse of ultra-sick, Californian
sleaze-rock legends ANNHILIATION TIME, comes the
ear-mauling, noisy, insanity-soaked musical mayhem of
LECHEROUS GAZE! The self-proclaimed “#1 rockin’ band in
the entire world,” LECHEROUS GAZE is like the prow of a
mighty ship cutting through a sea of turd, carrying on the
legacy of bands like the MC5 and Black Flag to bring
dangerously heavy rock back to the masses.


On The Skids was recorded in Oakland’s Earhammer Studios (Ghoul, Saviours)
and is an up-tempo firebomb of awesome riffage, wailing solos,
’70s fuzz tone guitar and grade-A, no-bullshit rock ‘n’ roll!. Who
needs studio trickery when each member is jamming out of his

Three years in the making, LECHEROUS GAZE’s On
The Skids’ maelstromic mixture of heavy rock riffs, punk snarl
attitude and Zep-like attention to detail comes across like a
hesher’s record collection melted together into one crushing
slab of volcanic rock that leaves nothing but burning embers
and ringing ears.

“If you took your record collection and your dad’s record collection, combined them, weeded out the shitty ones you and he bought to impress some chick, then played all the sweet ones at the same time on some epic ass stereo, it might sound half as bad ass and balls deep as the Lecherous Gaze.”
-Albert Einstein.

You can’t argue with genius, people.


Arena Vienna / adv 10 € / doors 13 € / Dreiraum / 20.00h



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