Crushing and destroying everything in its path comes the newest offering from Massachusetts´ Elder. Like a trip into ancient times of barbarism with enough psychedelics to last you ´til the Middle Ages. Elder is a potent concoction of swirling, groovy, heavy-as-shit riffs, pounding percussion, and heathen vocal work destined to please the gods of holy smoke. Bringing forth a saga of varied and nefarious hymns, Elder conquered new territory in 2012 with the arrival of “Spires Burn/Release”, a timeless, soon-to-be classic record of psychedelic doom.

“Then up in Massachusetts you have these dudes that get stoned and actually play heavy music–and I’m fucking impressed. Sounds like Ufomammut fucking Black Sabbath sideways. I mean, this shit is psyched out to the max…”
-Thrasher Magazine, April 2009


Formed in late 2010, Pet The Preacher, is becoming an integral part of the danish Rock-scene.With a great love of 70s blues-rock, stoner and desert-tones, and old slide masters such as Elmore James and Duane Allman, Pet The Preacher mixes history with the modern. Metal structures, prog-inspired riffs, howling-vocals and eerie tales.


Arena Vienna / adv 10 € / doors 13 € / Dreiraum / 20.00h

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