Formed in 2006, Los Angeles’ Ancestors create mighty, modern music that dovetails innovative arrangement, crushing primordial riff interplay and melodic instrumental passages with textural atmospherics. With both thunderous roar and expansive communiqué, Ancestors are proving to be a quickly-emerging force of musical power and creativity.

In evolutionary theory, species that share an ancestor are said to be of common descent.  There’s nothing common about the music of Los Angeles quintet Ancestors.  To peg or try to pigeon hole the art they create would be missing the point.


‘If there were ever proof that stoner rock has become its own genre, it would be the fact that an album would have song titles like “Endless Drifting Wreck” and “Silver Shrooms” — given the band, it would actually be more surprising if it didn’t have song titles like that. Farflung have been at it often and long enough that by this point their jacked-up space boogie — still audibly in debt to the patron saints of the whole shebang, Hawkwind, but no less enjoyable for that reason — gives exactly what anyone who favors the approach would want: great album graphics perfect for black T-shirts, more echo slathered over the vocals than imaginable, and a feeling that everything and everyone involved in the creation of it are all collectively careening down a cosmic highway at light speed while screaming “YEEEAARRRRRGHHHH” out of the windows.’


Formed in 2005 Black Rainbows are an heavy psych, stoner, rock n’roll power trio.
Founded by Gabriele Fiori (guitar & vocals) after few months Daniele Conti (drums) and Marco De Masi (bass) joined the band.
During this years they evolve their sound, their live shows, their discography. Their sound is a mix of 70’s like MC5, Blue Cheer, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath and hard psych-stoner from 90’s as Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Fu-manchu, Qotsa e Nebula.
Shared the stage with band as: Airbourne, Nebula, Karma to Burn, Entrance Band, Fatso Jetson, Witchcraft, Dead Meadow, Black Mountain, Los Natas and White Hills.


Arena Vienna / adv 10 € / 20.00h / Dreiraum


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