Red Fang deals in kick-ass heavy rock. On Murder the Mountains, the quartet wave a middle finger at fashion and bet the proverbial house on substance over style.

Red Fang are raw, occasionally distorted, and loud as fuck! They’ve got a distinct brand of metal — shreddin’, but with a groove — that’s formidable on disc but absolutely kills live. I’d impart some kind of face-melting warning here, but a face melt by the Fang ain’t something you wanna miss.

Savannah’s Black Tusk return with Set the Dial, the brand new, Jack Endino (SOUNDGARDEN, HIGH ON FIRE, SKELETONWITCH) produced disk of high-energy hard rock. Set the Dial’s ten tracks cook like the Savannah heat, raising up their signature brand of primal, triple-vocal, chromatic madness, and tattooing it across canyon-wide grooves.

While sludge is the term of endearment for Black Tusk, we get to hear some elements of hardcore fused with a thrashy-doom feel sporadically intermixed throughout.
„We like to describe it sometimes as Black Sabbath and Motorhead having a barbecue. We really have no idea how to call what we do ! It’s fun and heavy. When we get together to write, what comes out is just what we think sounds good. Genres aren’t really for bands to come up with in my opinion.“


Iron Heel  from Vienna, Austria are doing their own thing. Low frequencies, sludgy filthiness, stoner hooks. Iron Heel is creating the perfect soundtrack for a hike in the swamps.


Arena Vienna / adv 12 € / doors 15 € / 20.00h / small hall

One response to “1.5. RED FANG / BLACK TUSK / IRON HEEL

  1. Schionatulander

    Das is so super, die beiden will ich seit den Debütalben der Bands sehen …

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