Mothers of the Land is a rock group founded in Vienna 2012, by Georg Pluschkowitz (Pastor) on guitar, Johannes ‘Jon’ Zeininger
on bass and Jakob Haug on the drums. After having tried different formations, they found their ideal constellation in 2015 with
Jack Jindra (Locracy) on the additional guitar.

Not long after, in June 2016, their live recorded DIY Debut-Album ‚Temple without Walls‘ was released and gained a great international reception from listeners, artists and bloggers, resulting in fruitful collaborations around the globe.
Having played dozens of concerts with international headliners like Asteroid, Elder and Red Fang, the band provides powerful performances that lure in the audiences deeply through the surreal worlds they create.

All those experiences were used to forge new material, which finally formed their second album ‘Hunting Grounds’ which was released on June 19 via Stonefree records.


Keep going,…
a slogan stitched on the hearts of all that come to see a Lowbau show.
For over a decade this band has been surpassing trends and scenes, borders and miles, labels and bookers.
Blessed with a DIY spirit and driven only by passion, the bands efforts have gotten them to both edges of Europe and got them gigs with the likes of Crowbar, Eyehategod, Grand Magus and many, many more.

Their first record “The EP“ as well as the follow up album“A darker shade of blues” were well received amongst the Heavy listeners.
On 24. December 2016 they handed out another lethal blow called “Urban Voodoo”.


We are The Röad Crew, Austria’s Motörhead Tribute Band, ready to KICK YOUR ASSES!!


Arena Vienna / Small Hall / adv 14 € / doors 20.00h



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