To get things rolling and live music experienced again in all it´s glory and loudness, Roadtrip To Outta Space will be continuously hosting seated shows in the big hall.

If you want to support Arena Wien directly, you can do that by purchasing “Support Tickets” in our online ticket store:

Due to the Covid 19 situation, we kindly ask you to accept the following rules and guidelines:

> a maximum of 200 tickets will be sold
if you want to sit up front or sit in a group, make sure to be there early
> the show will be over at 22.00
> unfortunately, you will have to wear a mask, when not seated
>  there will be a bar with plenty of drinks, but it´s outside
>  please keep a distance of 1 metre
>  due to changes in the official handling with the pandemic, these guidelines and rules could be changed in the future.
>  please be respectful to staff, artists and each other. this  situation sucks for everyone, so let´s be nice to each other!

Savanah is an austrian Stoner Rock Trio from Graz, formed in 2014.
They suppported bands like Colour Haze, Karma to Burn, Rotor, Black Cobra, Seven That Spells, Black Rainbows and Acid King.

The band takes influences from Doom, Desert and Psychedelic Rock to create their unique sound, once described as aggressive Stoner with a deafening bass and powerful riffs. Energetic Live-Performances are part of the bands character and attitude.


That the inspiration for the name Ozymandias was actually drawn from the TV-series “Breaking Bad”, when Walter White recites the thusly named poem by Shelley – pah! Education from TV is still education. If you fuse various styles of metal into your own sound, if you aren’t scared of heavy old-fashioned hard rock, you’re not that busy reading …

Rather scream until your voice fails and then batter the guitar strings! That led to nine songs that you will be hard pressed to forget. You don’t think so? Listen to this!


Arena Vienna / Mini Open Air / adv 14 €
Free entry with  “Kulturpass”


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