To get things rolling and live music experienced again in all it´s glory and loudness, Roadtrip To Outta Space and the infamous Arena Beisl have teamed up and will be hosting a number of shows on a small open air stage set up at the Arena grounds.

If you want to support Arena Wien directly, you can do that by purchasing “Support Tickets” in our online ticket store:

Due to the Covid 19 situation, we kindly ask you to accept the following rules and guidelines:

– a maximum of 200 people can enter
– the show will be over at 22.00
– there will be plenty of seats
– please keep a distance of 1 metre
– disinfectants will be at hand 
– shows will take place during light or medium rainfall, you can bring umbrellas
– due to changes in the official handling with the pandemic, these guidelines and rules could be changed in the future


Since their inception in 2006, Doomina have made a conscious effort to transform their influences in to an original and independent product (both conceptually and through their releases) and even after swelling to a quintet, this approach has not been lost. It wouldn’t be entirely wrong to call their music post rock, but at the same time it sells Doomina’s artistic vision short.

Although Daniel Gedermann cites bands like Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky as major influences, Doomina ultimately sound like all and none of these bands. First and foremost, they sound like themselves. Daniel describes it as “emotions set to sound”. These emotions however, should not be vocalized with the help of a human voice but solely by their instrumentation.


Chicos de Nazca is a chilean band, based in Berlin, of neo-psychedelia formed in 2010.

Arena Vienna / Open Air / adv 16 € / doors 19 € / 18.00h


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