„When we started the band we did so without a plan ever to come this far – but with that said we started Graveyard with the ambition and intention to take it as far as we could. Graveyard as a band wasn’t gonna be about mocking around in the rehearsal room, cos we knew what we wanted to do and that we also had the musical skills and the dedication to write and record great songs that could and would take us places.“

In the past 5-6 years Graveyard recorded 3 full length albums, toured the world extensively, made fans wherever they happened to play and were met by the music press with overflowing joy and superlatives.
2015 Graveyard called it quits and disbanded.

2018 marked their surprising comeback and release of their 5th full length album, and definite return to form, „Peace“.
Needless to say fans all over the world were delighted, if not in pure ecstasy.

Unsurprisingly Graveyard picked up right where they left. Incorporating all of their refined musical influences (folk, prog, heavy metal, stoner) into an artfully crafted, timeless rock album.


Bombus were formed in Gothenburg in around 2008 as a two piece and in 2009 they expanded to a four piece. Shortly afterwards they released their eponymous debut album. Bombus toured extensively through Scandinavia and Europe and in 2013 released their second album, “The Poet And The Parrot”. An appearance at this year’s [2015] Download festival has introduced Bombus to a wider UK audience and if there’s any logic and reason in the world this will kick them on to another level.

Bombus are a superb band and a fantastic live act. They are certainly deserving of your attention.

Singer and guitarist Feffe would like to add:

“Some people believe in hard work and artistic suffering. Others believe that if you know you got it you can just kick back and let the good things come to you. We believe in both. We worked hard (really hard), suffered artistically (don´t really know what that means), but also kicked back and just let this monster of an album take a form of its own. We went into the studio and came out with a bunch of the strongest tracks we’ve ever made. We have shamelessly stolen the best of the best from the best and then made it better. We have polished turds, dug too deep and climbed too high. Call it Metal, call it Rock, call it whatever, but don´t call us – we´ll call you! This album is our third and is by far the best we’ve ever made. Its name is REPEAT UNTIL DEATH. And that´s a fact.”


Arena Vienna / Big Hall / 29 € / 19.00h


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