Melting faces since 2009 – Stoned Jesus wouldn`t dare to show up at your party without a solid slab of stoner rock! 

But make no mistake with this Ukrainian trio: this ain`t your average desert session! Fourth album „Pilgrims“ is a rather multi-faceted affair mixing groove with noise rock elements and lots of proggy infusions.

If Stoned Jesus keep releasing music and expanding their fanbase like they did over the past few years, they will slowly but surely be among the top of the crop of contemporary, forward thinking metal giants such as Mastodon or Deftones.


Supersonic intergalactic heavy rock trio Mothership based out of Dallas, Texas give a real sense of hope that all is well in the universe, and that pure honest rock and roll has once again returned to this planet on a mission to unite true believers. Consisting of brothers Kyle Juett on bass/lead vocals, Kelley Juett on guitar/vocals, and Judge Smith on drums, these guys have created a unique sound that satisfies like a steaming hot stew of UFO and Iron Maiden, blended with the southern swagger of Molly Hatchet and ZZ Top, paired with a deadly chalice of Black Sabbath.

2017 saw the release of “High Strangeness”, their most accomplished work up until now.

Mothership’s goal from the beginning has been to carry on the tradition of the classic rock style of the ’70′s, updated and amped up for the modern day. The band has been non-stop road warriors since the release of their debut album in February 2013 on Ripple Music successfully invading the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe playing either on festival stages, night clubs, or outdoors under the sun at motorcycle parties.


Rock/Blues/Doom/Stoner band Elephant Tree was founded in London, GB, in January 2014.

Elephant Tree are a relatively new band who, after cutting their teeth in the London metal scene, have established a place within the current growing Stoner Metal genre. While the style is difficult to class under any one particular sub-genre of Metal it has been most likened to Doom Metal and Stoner Rock however many people have their own classifications ranging from Blues to Prog.


Arena Vienna / Big Hall / adv 20 € / doors 24 € / 19.00h

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