Arabrot has been an outsider on the Norwegian music scene since their beginning in 2001. During the first few years they received little recognition from the glossy establishment in their homeland, but Arabrot carved their own path and quietly built a reputation among music fans in Europe as a daring and uncompromising live band. Today, Arabrot is one of Europe’s defining underground bands.


Arabrot first recieved widespread recognition with the Steve Albini produced third album, The Brother Seed (2009). Following this album, Arabrot went into a creative blaze the succeeding years. For instance, they did live scores at silent film showings (“Faust” from 1926 in Trondheim, “Häxan” from 1922 at Øyafestivalen, “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” from 1920 and “Die Nibelungen” from 1924 at Verdensteatret in Tromsø) and did commissioned work for the highly regarded Henie Onstad Kunstsenter. In the middle of all this, Arabrot produced the exploratory EPs AbsoluteNegativism, I Rove and Mæsscr, two albums under the Nernes Skagen moniker, as well as two stand out albums: The gargantuan Billy Anderson-produced double album REVENGE and the needle-sharp Solar Anus, again featuring Steve Albini as a producer. For Solar Anus, they received the Norwegian Grammy in the metal category.



Arabrot’s flourishing lyricism adds an unmatched depth. Macabre renditions of classic works like the Bible and Dante’s Inferno meet philosophical themes derived from the historical avant-garde. The existentialism of Camus and Sartre; the surrealism of Bataille and Lautréamont; the eroticism of Henry Miller and de Sade; the romantic writings of Coleridge, Poe and de Quincey; mystic thinkers such as Aleister Crowley and Jorge Luis Borges, oppositionals like Féderico Lorca and of course Norway’s chief contrarian Jens Bjørneboe all make their way into Arabrot’s unique character.



„See I was born too late and I’ll never be like you. “ What was sad but true for SAINT VITUS in 1986, is still relevant for BUG today.

Inside the no scene and far, far away from the hipsters?

Two steps forward or three steps back?

Music therapy for Burnout patients?

Soundtrack for losers and nerds?

Longterm Non Progressor?

Since 1997 BUG has been living the DIY dream of the long gone 80 ies HC/Punk Underground. BUG is all about bluesy rhythm, distorted guitar melodies, slow, deep and hard bass lines, spastic drums and frantic howling. They can’t follow no trend, so they are playing autistic Post Post Blues/Aggro/Vintage/Jazz/Punk/Doom/HC/Anti/Sludge/Noise Rock. The lyrics are about personal misery and the pitch black side of human nature, politics and the old stars of entertainment industry. But BUG don’t take them too seriously. Good fellow Austrian Labels like ROCK IS HELL/ INTERSTELLAR/NOISEAPPEAL Records put out there records over the past years. BUG were honored to play with the crème de la crème of guitar/Noise underground like BL’AST, THE KOJN, IT’S EVERYONE ELSE, HELLA COMET, ZENI GEVA, ACHEBORN, ZEN GUERILLA, KURT, AGAINST ME, KEELHAUL, SENSUAL LOVE, ANALENA, WUNSCHKINDER, FRESNEL, BREATHER RESIST, RIVERWITCH, HSD, FUCKHEAD, PHILLIP Q., TODESSTERN, MADE OUT OF BABIES, DISGRACIA LEGEND, REFLECTOR, OXBOW, TEN VOLT SHOCK, UNHOLD, UNSANE, BETONGABI, TURN OUT, MEN KILLING MEN, JULITH KRISHUN, NEUME, IZEN, ARABROT, NARROWS, UNITED MOVEMENT, BLACK BOOKS, PLANKS…

“….This song says: don’t even think of trying to fuck with me, because you’ll be stone cold dead a second after….”     Cracked

“ ….flirrende Soundwälle und hammerschwerer Noiserock….“     Big Kult

„ ….Mit „Klotho“ haben uns BUG einen kongenialen Kompagnon geliefert, der mit uns die dunklen Ecken unserer Gedanken erkundet und den perfekten Soundtrack – inklusive Katharsis – dazu liefert. Dass dabei lyrisch wie musikalisch eher der Fehde- denn der Samthandschuh gebraucht wird, sollte sich von selbst verstehen….“       Noisy neighbours

„ ….Bug sind brachial und wirken rundum gemein und bösartig, ohne dabei großartig in bestimmte vorbestimmte Raster zu passen….“     broken violence

„ BUG = Hendrix + Mayhem – Unsane“   unknown Slovenian lady



Arena Vienna / Dreiraum / adv 14 € / 20.00h


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