Since 2007, Thou has released over 20 records (3 full lengths, 5 EPS, and a considerable amount of split releases) and has toured North America and Europe repeatedly, playing nearly 400 shows. They have made a name for themselves as one of the most prolific and consistent bands in the doom and sludge metal scenes, while retaining the ethics of DIY punk.

Their fourth full-length Heathen is painful and raw, but melodic and transportive. There are throat-shredders like the 15-minute opener “Free Will”, moody acoustic interludes (one’s called “Take Off Your Skin and Dance in Your Bones”), and ghostly female vocals (courtesy of Emily McWilliams) that make it one of the stand-out releases in heavy music´s 2014.

2014 also saw the release of a collaboration EP with their partners-in-crime The Body.

“A twilight dungeon crawl exploring the winding, ruined halls of Mad King Duro’s Castle, best friends at your side, enemies crushed beneath your heels, mysteries solved, and treasures found.”



Nottingham´s Moloch are in the business of unleashing crusty, ultra-heavy Sludge upon the apathetic masses. Think! Eyehategod, Dystopia, Crossed Out to get the picture.





Arena Vienna / Dreiraum / adv 10 € / doors 12 € / 20.00h



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