Denver, Colorado’s Primitive Man was formed in February of 2012 by Ethan Lee McCarthy, Jonathan Campos, and Bennet Kennedy (current and former members of Withered, Clinging To The Trees of A Forest Fire, Death of Self and Reproacher).


Primitive Man unleashed a filthy, malignant maelstrom of blackened doom on their debut album ‘Scorn. Thrillingly misanthropic in their approach, Primitive Man drench their post-apocalyptic vision of the world in waves of feedback, pummeling guitars and hopelessly frightening vocals. If a bright end of summer record is what you’re in need of, run as fast as you can from Primitive Man’s ‘Scorn’—this is grade-a hateful, soul-annihilating music of the darkest order. Dubbed a ” totally malignant sounding record and one that will consume you whole if you’re not careful,” by Cvlt Nation, commended for merging “the oppressive weight of doom with the misanthropic bile of black metal” by Blabbermouth and called, “the best worst thing that has ever happened to you,” in an 8/10 review from Metal Hammer, ‘Scorn’ finds Primitive Man celebrating a slow-roasted apocalypse through seven suffocating hymns of hatred, disease and sonic deviance.





WAKE are a grindcore band from Calgary, Canada. Formed in the fall of 2009 they released Surrounded By Human Filth 7″ in the spring of 2010. In support of the record the group completed 2 west coast US tours in 2010 as well as playing extensively around Western and Central Canada.


2011 saw the band release their first full-length “Leeches” on Germany’s 7Degrees Records, tour the mid-west and eastern US and Canada, as well as record at NYC’s Menegroth Studios with Colin Marston (Krallice, Dysrythmia, etc.) behind the knobs. Those tracks became a split 7″ with Greece’s Dephosphorus in April 2012, out again on 7Degrees Records.

With an extensive US tour completed in the summer of 2012 as well a foray into Europe in the fall, which included Bloodshed Fest, WAKE have released another split 7″ in the spring of 2013, this time with Saskatoon’s thrashy grinders Rehashed, out on Boston’s Give Praise Records.

Their 2nd full-length LP “FALSE” is out in July 2013, in a collaboration between 7Degrees Records and Handshake Inc, just in time for WAKE’s 2nd European tour.


Arena Vienna / Dreiraum /  adv 10 € / doors 13 € / 20.00h


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