The Dead Meadow sound is best compared to warm, runny honey…soft dewy grass… vibrant cracking bonfires… or dark rumbling thunder. The songs create a mood and a space for imagination to roam and drift. The organic, analog 70’s production brings out the best of Dead Meadow’s soulful playing and creates vast landscapes of their low-slung, glowing guitar tones.

Atmospheric, loping psychedelic rhythms are layered with somnolent vocals and plenty of free noodling guitar splutter and grind. Thorough all of the amped up soul-fuzz and multifolded acid shades, this trio’s innovative songwriting shines through and both stands them out from the crowd, and proves that this is not just another retro soup for the cannabis culture.




Charles Howl:
“A primitive, primeval force scurrying around the nether regions of London’s gig scene, their feral shows are an explosion of energetic, sweat and body hair.”
– Clash Magazine

Arena Vienna / adv 13 € / doors 16 € / Dreiraum / 20.00h

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