Kyuss need no introduction to whoever is reading this. It´s no secret that both the Garcia Plays Kyuss and Kyuss Lives! shows at Arena went down extremely well, so it´s time to embark on another Roadtrip To The Valley.


After a legal dispute over the Vista Chino´s old band name, Brant Bjork, John Garcia & Nick Oliveri & Bruno Fevery are currently recording new material in anticipation of a 2013 release.

Brant Bjork was asked about what´s in store for his old new band and their cherished fan base from around the world.

“There’s always relief when conflict is resolved and people can just let go and move forward. That’s where we’re at and we feel great. It’s always unfortunate to experience differences with specific people, but we feel great as a band. We’re really, really excited to move forward into the future and focus on what it is that we do, which is play music.”

That being said, spanking new material has already surfaced:





Iron Heel from Vienna, Austria are doing their own thing. Low frequencies, sludgy filthiness, stoner hooks. Iron Heel is creating the perfect soundtrack for a hike in the swamps.



Arena Vienna / big hall / adv 28 € / 19.00h

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