Harvey Milk is  is the difference between watching a movie like Irreversible vs. watching a movie like Independence Day. Both good films, however the first stimulates a foreign mixture of emotions that require you to sleep it off, whereas the latter concludes with you feeling comfortable with the fact that you’re a lazy, wasteful, culturally sequestered Westerner who has sat through this fucking movie way too many times in his/her life!

A monument to unfettered originality on all fronts, at times fragile, minimal, and achingly beautiful; other times it suffocates with tar-black, crushingly heavy dirges that bend time. The tension that permeates the arrangements is exhausting, and the heart-on-a-sleeve vocals of Creston Spiers are truly gut-wrenching. Simply-stated: unprecedented, uneasy listening that walks the finest of lines between difficulty and beauty.


Arena Vienna / adv 10 € / 20.00h / Dreiraum

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