A band, whose music and live performance wins people over.
The sound of Dÿse is recognizable by dynamic rhythms and hearty guitar riffs. Unconventional songwriting and stop & go arrangements are also typical for Dÿse.

Rather than using a music genre Dÿse focuses on producing their own sound: always cross-genre, loud, soft, fast, slow, surprising, fresh and above all: always uncompromising.


Modecenter serve a dose of highly effective European crisis-rock. Hannes Gruber, David Bauer und Michael Schneeberger dig into the raw musical energy of both minimalistic and megalomaniac noisy post-punk that doesn’t want to be held back by any set beliefs or ideologies.

Instead of a comfortable place in the line at your local wholefoods store you get a punch to the face for looking away for too long.


Reflector have been around since 1997.
Their monolithic sound, rooted in Noise Rock and Sludge Metal, gained them quite a reputation in and outside their alpine home turf.

Decades of experience and a relentless dedication to the craft of writing, recording and performing will ensure that head are banging and walls shaking.


Arena Vienna / big room / adv 20€ / doors 19.00h



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