Austrian subculture is ALIVE and people indentify with the artists running the scenes and the attitude they stand for. 
At the borders of the national music scene artists from related professions started to make a living with works for
touring bands, venues and promoters and are now well-know side acts to local events and even international acts
from Rock, Pop-Punk, Indie and Metal.

Acts like Pearl Jam, Blink-182, Pixies, Mastodon, NOFX, Elder, Texta, Wanda, Voodoo Jürgens and others and
well-established festivals like Lake on Fire Festival uses the help of those artists presenting their stuff in
the right light and push themselves on another level.

Now, it is time to celebrate these artists with a collection of their best works, stuffed together on 264 pages.

People who don’t recognize this guy might have lived on another planet the
last years – Stefan is one of THE boosters of Pop-Punk in Europe with his
very successful works for Fat Wreck Chords, his own label SBÄM RECORDS
and his international established SBÄM FEST
Nomen est omen – Markus aka Dr. Knoche is a lover of skulls and bones and
we guess there’s barely any artist with more percent of skulls within his artworks!
Go check him out – his work is ripping your bones!
If there’s any weird story to tell in this world, Michael might has drawn about it –
in his totally unique, morbid and at most funny way to tell things!
And the best: He’s not only releasing his ideas via graphic novels!
Lots of his stuff comes via gig poster artworks or packages for vinyl to the people.
Have you ever stopped watching images because you’re in fear of a spastic
shock while diving into the imagtionation of a picture?
No? Well, then meet Andreas work. Crazy. Nothing more to say about him.
Lisa kombiniert ihre Malkünste mit ihrer Liebe zur Natur, Katzen und Stoner Rock.
Wenn du diese Art von Musik magst, bist du vielleicht auch schon über ihre
Arbeiten fürs Lake on Fire Festival oder Österreichs’ größten Rockexport
Mother’s Cake gestolpert.
100 000 dots, a vintage touch, a faible for underground music and a lot of
dedication for pushing things forward – that’s what sums up Toms work.
By the way: He’s the author of the book and the founder of THE RAW STUFF.
Set with skills to show the real “space of mind” on paper, David is celebrating
experimental and psychedelic rock within his artworks. And he knows what
its about to show the meaning of this kind of music: He’s an experience
guitar player with a long history of shows with different band projects.
The most exciting things start with an unsealed talk at the bar – that’s what
we learned from Fabian talking about his realition with Terrorgruppe while
creating his chapter in the book. And guess what: He is right.
Alex is not a jumpy kid – which the name of his alter ego Irrwisch might assume –
he’s one of the most professional guys offering a lot of different styles and
techniques to create unique artworks for the darker side of heavy metal
and rock acts. From paintings to paper cuts, everything is possible on his side.

With a deep history of comic fanatism in his family, Chri extended his
style range from traditional illustration to his outstanding digital coloured
pencil drawings which always keep an eye on a manga-esque behaviour
and trippy appearance.

A lot of DIY-attitude and behaviour is running through Martins’ veins. Started
his journey through illustration within the local skate and punk scene,
Martin is offering the aesthetics of these two street cultures in a perfect way
within his style.
There’s a new boy in town and his middle name is Baguette – just kidding,
after thousand of miles on tour with his bands, Camille settled in Austria
for starting a living with his soulmate. Good for us to have him here –
his skills are amazing and his appearance a benefit for the whole illustration
scene in Austria.

LIVE on stage:

The Heavy Minds are a Garage-Psych–Band based in Upper Austria. Even though the idea
of genre-boundaries is quite meaningless for the band, it would probably be most appropriate
to claim that the boys are influenced by a huge musical melting pot of sounds of the late 60’s
‘n 70’s, Garage/Prog/Krautrock, Lo-Fi, Neo-Psychedelia and all sorts of underground rawness.

“Second Mind” was recorded between July and November 2018 somewhere in the outback
of Upper Austria as well as in Vienna during some hot summer days. We tried to accomplish
an honest, raw but also vital piece of music that speaks for itself.


Moon Woman is a versatile, four-headed formation from
Innsbruck, Austria, that shines with an atmospheric merging of blues,
psychedelic and heavy rock.
Besides thick riffs and heavy drums, the base of their sound stays
groovy, dynamic and airy. Digging deep in their foundation, influences
like The Doors, Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac and more contemporary
artists like All Them Witches come to light.




Arena Vienna / small room / Adv 14 € / doors 18.00h



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