Formed in 1995 in Dorset, England, Electric Wizard have made a name for themselves as the undisputed trailblazer of the 3rd doom metal wave. Their unholy trinity of riff worship, 70s exploitation film aesthetic and inhumane consumption of marijuana left a mark on pop culture for decades to come.

Despite numerous line-up changes over the years, founder and frontman Jus Oborn has somehow taken his defiantly uncommercial vision to unprecedented heights of popularity, as confirmed by recent, sold-out tours both in the US and Europe.
“If you’d asked me a few years ago, I would never have believed what’s happening. But it’s been growing. Having these ideas and going for these bigger gigs and then seeing that people are buying the tickets, that makes it all even more exciting. It’s more of a diverse audience, now. There are still the same few hundred grumpy doom-metal fans, but we’ve been accepted beyond that, somehow. We’ve been going for 20 years, so we’ve become an institution by default.”


“We always had a fantasy that we’d end up in the tabloids, getting busted for having Satanic sex orgies,”
We’re always having them but no one cares!”


“We were always the greatest band that you’ve never heard of, but it’s starting to turn around. The world’s our oyster now.“


Channeling the rawness of shock rock´s pioneers Arthur Brown, Alice Cooper, Hellhammer and Black Sabbath through a fog of incense and weed smoke, Electric Wizard have gathered a cult following unlike any other rock band in recent history.


Formed in 1977 in London, England, Angel Witch are among the essential bands oft he New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. Despite critical acclaim in the music press, their only UK chart action consisted of a single week at No. 75 (the lowest position in the charts) in 1980.

Angel Witch have been claimed as a major influence by many notable metal musicians, including Dave Mustaine, Tom G. Warrior and Chuck Schuldiner.

Angel Witch has endured countless line up changes throughout the decades, and currently consists of Kevin Heybourne, Will Palmer and Jimmy Martin.

Arena Vienna / big hall /  adv 26 € / doors 32 € / 19.00h


Tickets available @ arena.wien

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