Philadelphia’s Rosetta has been exploring the outer galaxies of post-metal, hardcore, doom, ambient, prog, and more since 2003. The group had a longtime relationship with boutique label Translation Loss that resulted in three albums and a number of splits and EPs before their contract ended and they decided to soldier on as a completely independent band. Following a period of uncertainty and struggle, Rosetta was close to its breaking point when it self-released the bleak, moody The Anaesthete via Bandcamp in 2013. To the band’s happy surprise, the album became a best-seller on the site, the album’s success driven almost entirely by fans and word-of-mouth.


Reinvigorated by the positive reception, Rosetta recruited Eric Jernigan, a longtime friend and tourmate with his band City of Ships, for its follow up. The result, Quintessential Ephemera, shakes off much of its predecessor’s darkness to deliver a swirling mass of uplifting post-rock melodies and intense metallic release.



Crawling from the thresholds of Tucson, Arizona come atmospheric driven sludge trifecta North. Consisting of vocalist/bassist Evan Leek, guitarist Matthew Mutterperl, and drummer Zack Hansen, the trio have spent the past ten years sprawling their penchat for destruction and reformation throughout every infiltratable venue in their reach. Appearing with acts ranging from Alcest, Weedeater, This Will Destroy You and Cough, North have maintained a consistent presence while building an extensive underground following and dedicated fanbase.


This blistering instrumental three-piece from the hinterlands of Auckland, New Zealand has enchanted audiences with its rhythmic onslaught since 2006.
Described variously as “lead-heavy” with “sparse and beautiful” moments, the trio have carved out a unique brand of dark rock that is scattered with melodic hooks.



Arena Vienna / Dreiraum / adv 10 € / doors 13 € / 20.00h




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