Colour Haze are a modern Psychedelic Heavy Rock Three Piece, in the tradition of classic Rock-Trios as Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience or Grand Funk Railroad. Founded sometime in the last century, the current line-up formed in May 1999. Since then some records have been made and a lot of following was gained.


2014 saw the release of their 12th LP “To the Highest Gods We Know”.


To the Highest Gods We Know avoids the trap of being the “follow-up” to She Said. It dodges the bullet completely, and where She Said made its grandest statements in flourishes of arrangement, songs like opener “Circles” and the instrumental centerpiece “Überall” do precisely the opposite. They represent Colour Haze rediscovering their processes in this new space of their own studio. The warmth of tone from Koglek and Rasthofer, the steady roll and ever-classy style of Merwald arrive with an exploratory freshness throughout To the Highest Gods We Know because, essentially, with this record, Colour Haze are re-learning how to be Colour Haze. It’s not like they took four-plus years to build their own studio and they’re going to go record somewhere else. They’ve made themselves a home — like they did before with their own label — and these songs sound like the process by which they’re getting acclimated to it.“
-The Obelisk



Trends come and go, but the idea of a bunch of guys getting together in a garage and playing the kind of music that makes the neighbors call the cops — that’s forever. And it’s that idea that’s crystallized in the form of Radio Moscow. The power trio led by the Stratocaster genius Parker Griggs have found THE formula : powerful, crunching Sabbathstyle chords and fiery solos that earn the right to be called Hendrixian and plants its flag firmly in the territory where psychedelic rock and cranked-up blues meet.

Parker’s demo caught the ear of The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, who produced the 2007 self-titled debut. With « Brain Cycles », their second album Radio Moscow proves that they’re not a cheap time machine but a direct descendant from the golden age of Rock’n’Roll.


In 2011, Griggs continued his psychedelic trip with « The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz » released by Alive Records. Recently  the band recorded their first album as a full trio untitled “Magical Dirt”.




Cherry Choke are an English rock band, formed in 2007. Founded by Josiah/The Kings Of Frog Island front man Mathew Bethancourt.
Think! Blue Cheer fighting it out with the Black Keys as the Jimi Hendrix Experience look on from the bar. Think! Molten guitars freaked out on dirty fuzz. Think! Heavy Gibson bass grooves and a furious drum attack.

The 2009 debut gritty, lo-fi self produced album ‘Cherry Choke’ (Elektrohasch 2009) featured Bethancourt (guitar and vocals), bassist Gregg Hunt and drummer Daniel Lockton, both formerly of The Dérailleurs. The band began with performances across the UK and Europe. Hunt left after the release of the group’s second album, “A Night In The Arms of Venus” (Elektrohasch 2011), recorded at Amphibia II studios with Mark Buteux.

Cherry Choke By Jason Senior - Redpix 2014

Former Josiah bass player Simon Beasley joined the group in 2013 to record the third Cherry Choke album. “Raising The Waters” (Elektrohasch 2015) was recorded and produced by Stefan Koglek (Colour Haze) at the Colour Haze Studio, Munich, Germany with help from Super Mario Man. The new album promises to be the best record both Cherry Choke and Mathew Bethancourt have made so far…



Arena Vienna / big hall / adv 22 € / 19.00h








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