Monarch skull pic 4

 Roadtrip To Hell

ft. Monarch! & Karaoke Bash.

Instead of leaning out your window half drunk, going to bed early or lighting candles and turning off phones, this year there will be an opportunity to finish the year with a bang…


Hailing from the picturesque Northern Basque Country of France, Monarch! unleash a slow motion avalanche of impossibly glacial, blackened sludge and hypnotic feedback, each song a series of epic tarpit riffage stretched out eternally over lumbering drums and the cavernous rumble of speaker cabinets. Over these yawning expanses of black void appears the demonic, throat-shredding shrieks and ghostly singing of Emilie….


Monarch! ‘s mega-crawling ambient doom/drone/sludge follows in the grand tradition of fellow tarpit adventurers Khanate, Corrupted, Melvins, and Black Sabbath, and accompany their music with an iconoclastic style.



Hinting on the darkest chapters of MK Ultra Mind Programming, Monarch!´s name giving is not coincidental.


Omens is Monarch! ‘s sixth full-length release of atmospheric dirge / drone since their 2005 inception, not to mention the myriad of other releases within thatamount of time including three EPs, three split releases (Elysium, Moss and Grey Daturas) and more, under the banners of Crucial Blast, Throne Records, 20 Buck Spin,Heathen Skulls and other indie labels!

The latest recordings also features newest member Rob Schaeffer (Dark Castle, YOB live, etc.) along with guitarist Shiran Kaüdine (Year of No Light)…




We couldn´t be more pleased that the first band to play Arena in 2014 EVER will be Karaoke Bash straight outta Vienna.
Karaoke Bash know how to party have a long tradition in the handing over of microphones.

They play, You sing…

Among their repertoire you will find classics like: 7 Seconds – Young Till I Die,
AC/DC – Highway To Hell, Cro-Mags – World Peace, Judas Priest – Breaking The Law, Only Living Witness – Prone Mortal Form, Turbonegro – I Got Erection and many more….


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