While sludge is the term of endearment for Black Tusk, we get to hear some elements of hardcore fused with a thrashy-doom feel sporadically intermixed throughout.

„We like to describe it sometimes as Black Sabbath and Motorhead having a barbecue. We really have no idea how to call what we do ! It’s fun and heavy. When we get together to write, what comes out is just what we think sounds good. Genres aren’t really for bands to come up with in my opinion.“


Savannah, Georgia’s heavy-rockin road dogs return to the fold with a stop-gap EP to hold us over between their raging last full length and their next. ‘Tend No Wounds’ is a 6 song/20 minute blast of high octane raging Southern rock/metal that merges the classic original backwoods metallic hardcore Black Tusk sound with the newer more polished rock based tunes the band has honed after years on the road on the road with bands like Baroness, Skeleton Witch, Mastodon and Kvelertak.



Fight Amp have been chugging along since 2004 spreading their own brand of genre-bending punk/noise-rock/sludge throughout the country and world, taking notes from early Melvins and blending it with the speed of Karp and heaviness of Cherubs while maintaining the intensity of a hardcore band.

As a power-trio, Fight Amp plays a range of heavy songs from 2 minute rippers to 8 minute heavy dirges, all while keeping the listener reeled in with hooks and energy both live and on their 3 full length albums and multitude of splits and EPs.
New album “Birth Control” out now on Translation Loss Records


Blacktusk and Fight Amp - Split EP


Avalanche from Vienna, Austria is a hardcore band with a strong tendency towards stoner and doom-metal. Since their inception roughly 3 years ago they played a bunch of shows and released an Ep on Green Menace Records.







Arena Vienna / adv 12 € / doors 15 € / Dreiraum / 20.00h

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