Miami has earned its fair share of notoriety over the last 30 years, but most of it has been nothing to brag about: The Liberty City Riots, the Mariel Boatlift, and the Cocaine Wars of the early 1980s recast the formerly sleepy beach town/retirement colony as a lawless urban hellscape crowded with pimps, powder queens and cutthroats, where liquor-store shootouts, revenge bombings and police corruption threatened to drown the tourist trade in an ocean of blood, booze, and yayo. But now the peace-loving citizens of Miami finally have something they can hoist high as an enduring emblem of cultural and civic pride (besides KC & the Sunshine Band, Gloria Estefan and 2 Live Crew, obviously) …

Enter Torche, the four-pronged Floridian Riff Colossus that has steamrolled its way across the international underground. Their blissed-out power-grooves, triumphant vocal harmonies and cosmic resonance within is variously hailed as “stoner pop,” “thunder rock,” and “doom pop”.

“Never let it be said that bong-rock types hate hooks,” Spin magazine announced. “Torche set their guitars on ‘dirge,’ work their vocal harmonies, and say amen to Foo Fighters’ riff-o-matic preaching.”

“At long last, we know what life would be like in a parallel universe where the Melvins became a pop sensation instead of Nirvana,” Revolver magazine added.


Their latest full length Album Harmonicraft isi Torche in their most unfiltered form and the result is a collection of songs that prove that heavy music can be progressive without being predictable. From the relentless groove, the melodic grandeur and sinister syncopation of Harmonicraft stretches toward the sonic stratosphere and illustrates that the band are growing tighter and more powerful with each passing release.



Prototyper are 100% Rock (1% Stoner/Sludge/Doom; 99% badass).


Right from the beginning Prototyper did their own thing, without aiming for any particular genre … just with one goal in mind: to blow your heads off with big guitar riffs, mighty drums, thundering bass and gnarly vocals on top of it all. Keeping an eye on the dynamics, they may also include some calmer and moody moments for good measure, if a song needs just that.If you must put a label on it … let’s call it … Rock. It’s raw, heavy, loud and sleazy … everything you want in trusty old Rock’n’Roll, right?

Prototyper released their first (self-titled) EP in 2012, which earned them support-slots for well-respected international bands like Crowbar, Karma to Burn and Been Obscene.
They are currently working on their first full-length album and playing shows whenever they can.



Arena Vienna / Dreiraum /  adv 12 € / doors 15 € / 20.00h

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