Ufomammut is a power trio formed in 1999 in Italy by Poia, Urlo and Vita.
Ufomammut is worldwide recognized as the creator of a unique brand of psychedelic sludge.
With long songs, droning vocals and massive effects the band combines a monumental riffing attitude with the psychedelia of the more visionary Pink Floyd.

ORO is the title for Ufomammut’s latest work, divided into ten massive movements overall which is now confirmed to be delivered in two separate pieces during 2012: the first chapter, Opus Primum, in April, and the second, Opus Alter, in September.

Oro explores the concept of knowledge and its power; the magical stream controlled by the human mind to gain control of every single particle of the World surrounding us. Oro is the alchemical process to transform the human fears into pure essence; into Gold.
Although Oro’s two chapters will be released months apart from each other, they must be considered as a single track in which the musical themes and the sounds show up and hide, mutating and evolving, progressively and increasingly stratifying culminating in the crushing final movement.

Ufomammut has performed at international music festivals like Roadburn, Hellfest, Asymmetry, Stoned from the Underground, South of Mainstream, Metalride fest and has shared the stage with bands such as NEUROSIS, DOWN, BARONESS, MOTORPSYCHO, ORANGE GOBLIN and many more. Ufomammut’s live show is supported by the internationally acclaimed video and graphic art of Malleus, a rock artists’ collective who conjure the entirety of Ufomammut’s visual impact.


Doomina was formed in 2006. After a demo and 2 EPs, their Debut LP “Elsewhere” was recently released on vinyl.

Bluring the genre-restrictions of post rock and sludge, Doomina are creating soundscapes on a grand scheme. Keep an eye and ear on these Southern Austrians, since they´re destined for great things…


Arena Vienna / adv 14 € / small hall / 20.00h

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