After opening for Brant Bjork and The Bros and their first  headlining show Been Obscene will embark on a Roadtrip To Outta Space once again.
 The 4-piece from Salzburg, Austria is signed to Elektrohasch Records and turned heads in the international Stoner- and Psychedelic-Rock scene, releasing two full length LP within two years.

“Been Obscene has shown an impressive amount of development – the instrumentalization has moved up a few notches at once, the drumming has taken a flying leap forward and the psychedelic and post-rock pastures are spread more evenly and enhances the flavor quite a bit. The album is much more vocal-driven than the previous one, but that doesn’t mean the instrumental passages have lessened. In fact, the instrumental passages have, if anything, grown more complex, with at least two instances of multi-layered, psychedelic pastures being explored in what are otherwise pretty straightforward songs. This provides the record with enough dynamism to engage you, but keeps it from going places that will lose you on the way – and, might I add, the atmosphere built is a lot darker and more brooding than you’d expect….”
Sarp Esin // AllThatIsHeavy


Prototyper from Vienna, Austria are on a mission to rock!

“Stefan and Martin first met at local gigs in Vienna in 2009 and soon found out they shared a good taste in music. In the summer of 2010 the two of them started jamming on a regular basis. Songs started to take shape but a bass-player was still missing. After jamming with a few people, Joey came into the picture in early 2011 and it just clicked. Prototyper  was born and 2 months later we played our first gigs.”

Arena Vienna / adv 10 € / doors 12 € / Dreiraum / 20.00h

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