The esteemed Animosity line-up of vocalist/bassist Mike Dean, guitarist Woody Weatherman, and drummer/vocalist Reed Mullin – has been working with long-time producer John Custer. Now nearly complete, their still untitled eighth studio album is planned for release in 2012.

Gathering last summer to jam as a trio for the first time in over a decade, the treasured threesome quickly rekindled the magic that originally united and ultimately bound the musicians on a journey that today continues to impress both fans and critics. It is the efforts of this line-up that Decibel Magazine recently called “a crucial stylistic linchpin in the bridge between metal and punk.

Corrosion of Conformity irrevocably reshaped crossover’s sonic possibilities.” AllMusic.com notes, ”C.O.C. weren’t following any trends. They just incorporated all the things they liked about thrash, punk and ’70s metal originators Black Sabbath into their constantly evolving sound. It secured them artistic and commercial credibility.”

Formed by drummer Rafa Martinez (ex-16, ex-Acid King) and guitarist/vocalist Jason Landrian (ex-Cavity), Black Cobra catapulted themselves onto the scene in 2001 with their ravenous, upbeat and ultimately unique style of punk/hardcore-fueled sludge metal.

Black Cobra´s almighty fourth full-length album, “Invernal” is their most honed and diversified material to date, and will definitely tear your face off completely. Balck Cobra has been touring relentlessly the past years, most recently as support for the entire Kyuss Lives!-US-Tour.


Zoroaster’s heady mix of mammoth metal and psychotropic shoegaze has seen the trio hailed as “one of the U.S.’s most promising metal bands” and it has receiving shining praise for its explosive power, intriguing mysticism and unique take on heavy music.

Summoned by the mighty sludge of The Melvins, the mysticism of Celtic Frost and the nihilistic blues of Black Sabbath, Zoroaster formed in 2003 out of “the need for sedation by high volumes and low frequencies”. The band immediately began creating devastating, dirge-ridden doom that erupted into heavyweight grooves andranscendental musical atmospheres. Zoroaster’s early sound was compared to “having 10,000 ton granite slabs dropped on your head from a height of several miles”.


Årabrot is a Norwegian noise-rock band from Haugesund, Norway.
Since starting out in 2001, Årabrot’s main core has been Kjetil Nernes (songwriter, guitar and vocals) and Vidar Evensen (drums and visuals), and in recent years noise artist Stian Skagen has been a regular on-and-off member of the band. Collaborating with producers such as Billy Anderson (Melvins, Neurosis), Emil Nikolaisen (Serena Maneesh) and Steve Albini (Nirvana, High on Fire) the band has released three full-length albums and a grotesque bouquet of singles and EPs.

Årabrot is about to represent for this generation what the sum of Melvins, Birthday Party and Swans was to the generation before them; a source of pleasure from both auditory and moral excesses. The band’s foundation is noise-rock, but has strong elements of industrial music and noise. In Årabrot there is also a dramatic component few other bands in history possess: histories are told and emotions are laid out in a way that’s closer to the compositional techniques of experimental film and theatre than traditional song structure. Last but not least they are drawn to the lyrics that combine elements of two of the most stimulating works of human kind: The Bible and Pornography.


The brainchild of Philadelphia’s Matt Garfield, Mose Giganticus pulls from an extensive range of hard rock, metal, and punk influences to create a unique and modern record with their Relapse debut ‘Gift Horse’

‘The Left Path,’ ‘Last Resort,’ ‘White Horse’ and ‘Days of Yore’ brings together driving, power riffs and low-end heaviness with expansive electronics, synth elements, and spirited attitude. ‘Gift Horse’ is as infectious as it is timeless, and a massive debut from an oncoming force-to-be reckoned with.



Arena Vienna / adv 20 € / 18.00h / small hall

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