From the smoldering ashes of punk rock powerhouse Annihilation Time, which festered for a year and a half in a downtown Oakland flop house noted for once housing bands like High on Fire and Drunk Horse, rises the Lecherous Gaze. Steeping themselves in the Hendrix-tripped guitar-god worship of bombastic 70’s rock and the primordial 60’s rockin’ rawness of Chuck Berry, Graham Clise and company’s hard-core of Flag and Sabbath worship has congealed into a sticky sweet nug of potent hard rock hash.

New front man Lakis Panagiotopulos’s soulful timbres, inspiring comparisons to the legendary larynges of Joey Ramone and Glenn Danzig, layer over the punishing grooves of Chris Grande and Noel Sullivan, as mad axe man Clise shreds his Marshalls to their breaking points. Spending 2010 in a pupal stage of cooking up their jams into a frenzy-inducing stew of awesomeness, Lecherous Gaze have transmuted into the perfect beast to carry rock and roll into the 2012 Armageddon.


Although Danava play the type of ferociously intense, foundation-rattling, rock and roll that might righteously justify some good old fashioned head-banging, vocalist Dusty Sparkles wants you to know that he doesn’t consider his band a metal outfit.
Nor are they prog-rock, or part of whatever ridiculous, wonky sounding “movement” someone just came up with to try to lump a bunch of disparate bands together.

Sparkles has as much use for genre tags as folks on the Titanic did for bottled water. He’s not interested in being part of a scene, and he’s entirely unconcerned about anyone’s reaction to or opinion of his band. “We’re not trying to fit in anywhere specifically,” he drawls nonchalantly. “we aren’t going to do this unless we feel happy about it.”


Arena Vienna / Dreiraum / adv 8 € / doors 10 € / 20.00 h

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