To get things rolling and live music experienced again in all it´s glory and loudness, Roadtrip To Outta Space will be continuously hosting seated shows in the big hall.

If you want to support Arena Wien directly, you can do that by purchasing “Support Tickets” in our online ticket store:

Due to the Covid 19 situation, we kindly ask you to accept the following rules and guidelines:

>a maximum of 200 tickets will be sold
if you want to sit up front or sit in a group, make sure to be there early
> the show will be over at 22.00
> unfortunately, you will have to wear a mask, when not seated
>  there will be a bar with plenty of drinks, but it´s outside
>  please keep a distance of 1 metre
>  due to changes in the official handling with the pandemic, these guidelines and rules could be changed in the future.
>  please be respectful to staff, artists and each other. this  situation sucks for everyone, so let´s be nice to each other!

Succopuss is a heavy blues trio from Vienna, Austria. Their unmistakeable roots & musical background is based deep in the Blues. Krystof Hümer & Tobias Paul formed the band in 2013. Michael Westerkam joined the band on Saxophone & Backing Vocals and is an indispensable element in the bands sound. The trio plays an interesting blend of jazzy blues & heavy rock spiced up with rum-soaked vocals. This constellation could be heard already on their highly acclaimed eponymous 4 Track EP, released in 2017.

The new album “Zuckerguss” was  released on October 2,2020 via StoneFree Records. It‘s the first full length album and marks a highlight in the bands history.


Sleazy & rough on the edges, the torchbearers of „Austro-Americana“, Tootsie & the Mini Band always go deep, and sometimes places you haven´t been so far.

Over the course of the last few years, they have etched out their own place in an over-saturated scene with a remarkable sense for dense atmospherics, well-crafted arrangements and great songwriting.

Their second full length album “II” was released in 2019 on Pumpkin Records.


Arena Vienna / Big Hall / adv 16,50 € / doors 19.00h


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