“We will serve you with what can best be described as a Satanic Ritual in which crowd participation becomes pivotal. You will wear our blood, you will taste our hunger, you will devour our spiritual release. Although far above you and unattainable for you in the current stages of your evolution, We, the acolytes of His immortal will, welcome you to join us in a night of violence, substance abuse, love and hate. We would just as gladly be a place of worship, a church if you will, for true believers as we would be a left hand exit point for those still on the side of the pure and holy. We would take your offering and redirect it back into The Source of Darkness.”

What can you expect musically? Without saying too much, or saying nothing at all, you can expect a frenzy of rock n roll flavoured hard rock that speak of times decades past, no modernisms, no trends, no high end sounds. Just Vintage rock music in the vein of Roky Erickson, Black Widow, Coven, Black Sabbath and a rich plethora of sixties and seventies undergound psychedelic rock bands too numerous to mention.

Although The Devil’s Blood are inspired and fueled by their love for these bands they are not a tribute band in any way or form. Instead we offer new, original, fresh material to strengthen our live rituals and appease our Master’s senses. So even though The Devil’s Blood play “old time music” they do it with the same creative and artistic drive as their inspirators.


Attic from Germany are a real heavy metal band, if you like anything from Mercyful Fate to Venom then you need to check this band out. The debut EP is in good old cassette tape format, the sound quality may be fading, but the music shines through. Clenching your fist is the result of some massive evil, eerie guitar notes that intertwine with often epic and falsetto vocal lines, the band are routed in the graveyard, their dark uninhabited or haunted forest and this really suits this style of music, especially the impression gained from the cassettes artwork.


Arena Vienna / adv 19 € doors 24 € / small hall / 20.00h

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